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Our product range includes high-quality and durable glass plastic septic tanks, which we make using the winding method. Such a method provides greater resistance to physical damage.

However, if you do not have a connection to the public water supply, it is important that wastewater does not pollute nature – a septic tank is the most effective option for this. Its task is to separate and settle the suspended solids in the sewage. The solid parts settle to the bottom of the tank, an anaerobic digestion process takes place, and the sediment partially hydrolyzes. When passing through the septic tank, effluents are discharged, from which suspended solids and sediment have separated, either to the impregnation or to the filter field.

If the installation of the septic tank turned out to be impossible, then there is an opportunity to install a collection tank. The natural seepage of effluents into the soil is the most common and, in general, the most effective way of getting rid of wastewater. The use of such a method depends on the ability of the soil to receive wastewater. The final stage of wastewater treatment takes place directly in the rubble layer of the impoundment and the surrounding soil.

2 m³ is suitable for a client whose household has a population of 2-3 people.

3 m³ is suitable for a client whose household has a population of 3-5 people.

4 m³ is suitable for a client whose household has a population of 5-8 people. Below you will find all the standard septic tanks, but if necessary, we will prepare according to the customer’s special requests. The septic tanks we make are CE certified!

Fiberglass septics

Bioreactor equipment is used for the treatment of wastewater and wastewater from residential and domestic premises. Water purification in bioreactor systems occurs due to the vital activity of various microorganisms in the water being purified, enriched with oxygen. This method of water treatment is very effective and provides at least 95% purification for suspended particles and 97% purification for organic compounds.


Fiberglass bioreactor

Steelman containers are made by the glass plastic scroll method. Basically, containers are used in private houses, cottages and industrial buildings. Glass-plastic containers are resistant to environmental influences and, with the right installation, their long life is also guaranteed. When choosing a wastewater tank, it is important to know the amount of wastewater that will be generated. On average, 9 m³ of wastewater is generated per quarter per person.

The tanks can also be used to store fire or rainwater, as well as to store chemicals. The sizes of the glass plastic containers offered by us are 1–75 m³. The diameters of the tanks to be manufactured are 1200mm, 1600mm, 2100mm or 2500mm. As a special solution, we can also produce containers with a diameter of 1000mm and 1900mm.

9m³ 30m³ 


Our slurry tanks are designed for use in agriculture (mainly for the transport of wort and slurry). These containers are lightweight, durable and rust resistant. The service life of glass plastic slurry containers is much longer than that of similar metal containers, because acidic wort does not corrode glass plastic in the same way as metal. Our slurry tanks are fitted with anti-shaking partitions, which ordinary tanks do not have. Slurry containers are installed on full-length legs or a metal frame just like the customer wants.

Slurry containers are made of glass plastic, and the wall thickness of the product, depending on the size of the container, is from 12 to 20 mm. Slurry tanks are made by the winding method, which provides a strong and solid construction of the tank shell. For tanks, 10 cm wide reinforcing strips are wound for reinforcement every 60 cm. Slurry tanks can be ordered in many different sizes.


Fire-fighting water tanks are used to store large amounts of water in water supply systems in the event of a fire. Our customers have access to fire-fighting water tanks in both above-ground and underground execution. Our fire-fighting water tanks comply with eu standard prEN 976-1.

Fire-fighting water tanks

We manufacture pumping stations that meet the technical requirements provided by the customer. Pumping stations are designed for sewage, precipitation and drainage water. We produce both small pumping stations for private households and large pumping stations for urban pipelines. We manufacture pumping stations from glass plastic, which ensures their rust resistance and durability. We offer complete solutions and thanks to this, pumping stations can be installed quickly.

We will prepare for you exactly the complete well you need with internal pipelines and the necessary equipment. We produce wells using the scrolling method from glass plastic, which ensures a strong structure and rust resistance. The range of diameters is wide: 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1600 mm, 1900 mm and 2500 mm.

  • Water meter wells are used to measure the amount of water flowing in pipelines.
  • Damper water is used to open and close water supply and sewerage pipes.
  • Air separation wells are necessary to separate air from pressure pipelines.
  • Sewer wells are used in self-flowing pipelines for sewage, storm water and drainage.

Fiberglass well


In cooperation with the customer, we also manufacture exactly the products that the customer needs. We have the skills, experience and tools to find solutions to even the most difficult challenges. If you need a product that no one makes, feel free to contact us and we will do it. 

Fiberglass custom solutions